The Betrayal

October flew by like a gentle hustle of howling wind, capturing the last sussurus of light. The cold embraced November and with it the memories of the pain withered. Of the two halves of the journey, one is burned while the other frozen. But the ice could never soothe the burn, instead it set it ablaze. Now, the cold could not touch it. The pain couldn’t withstand it. The ice melted into a river of revenge in the eyes of the betrayed. The pain, always the source. But when the Sun burns out and the river stands still, there’s nowhere left to go.


Broken Souvenirs

The holes in our heart
The glitches of the past
The love, the lies
The sound of our cries

The caress of a soul
Calming, like the breeze of blazing coal
Gazing up the sky full of stars
Enclosed in consoling arms

The illusion of happiness
Days filled with liveliness
But the truth was just so shallow
Temporary love and lies-hollow

Under the dark moonlight the illusion shattered
Right before her eyes her world scattered
Tearing through her soul for the world to see
Blades of tears dimmed her will to flee

Her blooming spirit hatching smiles everywhere she’d go
Didn’t feel the same anymore
Lifless slump shoulders
The world suddenly seemed colder

Dear and near soothed her pain
Tried to lift her spirits but in vain
Minutes and hours and days and weeks
She decided she didn’t want to be weak

Sweeping her shreded soul from her grave
Independency, braveness and compassion she bred
Casting life with her favorite guitar
A hero, she was, the one with the scars

The Goodbye

I’m trying to numb it
The betrayal I feel
In hopes that it will go away
Cause with it I can’t deal
But every day it comes back with a force
Like tsunami waves hitting a coast
And the damns are too weak to hold
Should’ve known, it’s exactly as they told
I hope you know what you want
Cause when you’ll remember me again, away from you, I’ll be gone
Goodbye, this is the last one now
You’ll never hear from me till the end of dawn.

We Keep Going

Epiphanies, they are not so rare, are they?

We all have faced that moment in our life which has thought something to us to change the way we live our life once and for all. But really, is it only the catastrophic moments that teach us that. Well, for me, it wasn’t. Bustling through the daily hours of packed-to-the-neck, days I learned that unbelievably awful things can and do happen. In fact, they are not such rare, isolated events. Each of us, and I really mean every single one, has a story that would break someone’s heart. Despite the grief and unfairness of all, we keep going, we still love life (most of us anyway). Of course, there’s always someone who got it worse than what we moan about all day. But that’s the uniqueness of it. All our different coping strategies and the scars we accumulate through our lives making us all the interesting damaged messes we are. The way we individually experience loss and heartbreak and nothingness and push through it, we’re doing a pretty good job at humans. We do things. We go to work. We go to school. We do laundry. We breathe. We function. We grieve. We pick ourselves up. We adapt and keep going. We keep moving, because there are still things to be done and people to be loved.

The Truth

Brought out with pomp and show
Respecting what you owe
The world is a machine.
You may stay. You may go.

Thrust out to fight
For what you feel what is right
You expect to explore
The beautiful and the bright.

The questions make you weak
They give birth to desire
Your senses should not speak
You should extinguish all your fire

Thrust out to fight
in an all but different zone
You find yourself amidst
A war just not your own.

You’re an optimist
You seeked for things a little higher
Your senses should not speak
You should extinguish all your fire

No expectations of evolution
Just all thats set in order
You learn that you’re born to be
To ply your gift in borders.

You are now stuck
In the known dark murk
Out of breath
Drowned in your work.

You are just made
For the games that are played
You’re just not special
You’re just not great

In some moment that flew
You learnt whats true
But you just didn’t seem to bother
You just realized that lambs are bred
Just so that they’re slaughtered